What is an unplugged wedding? 

More couples when they tie the knot have asked that all mobiles and tablets be put down when they make their way down the aisle.   The main reason is very simple…   They want people to share the then and now of what is actually going on.  They’re about to have a major event in their lives and you have been invited to witness that momentous occasion.  

 They invited you. Not your phone or tablet. 

Another reason is that they will have paid a photographer to take the most memorable images of the day.  That is someone who is experienced, qualified and has worked hard at perfecting their craft.   But even the best photographer can only do so much if distracted eyes and faces all look in different directions. This is not the photograph the couple will want to look back on.  I, like most photographers will have already asked the couple to focus on my camera so the image you get will have the couple looking away which in all honesty isn’t the best picture anyway. So why bother?  

 Another very big reason is that the happy couple want to be the first to share their pictures from the day. Hell hath no fury like the couple who are denied the chance to show the world how fantastic their day actually was! 

I like most photographers do make time for those who want to take some memorable pictures of the day but at appropriate times.   I think this is where the “grumpy photographer” bit comes in.  But in a way, we are only doing a job we are paid to do,  getting the pictures the couple really want. 

More and more couples are opting for the unplugged wedding and for anyone who is considering me for capturing their amazing day, I would highly recommend it too. 

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