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May’s Blog

May has been a particularly terrible month. From the Coronavirus claiming more and more lives and to the deaths of some old friends I would take out on trips with Erskine.  As I type, we have only started phase one of the relaxation of lockdown.  We are now allowed to meet friends outside as long as we socially distance at 2 metres.  Schools are looking to return on August 11th.   

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. 

Anyways, here’s some pictures I have taken this month!   

Dandelion seeds are amazing specimens for Macro.  I love how they look like little fireworks. 

The Honey bee was nearly nigh on impossible to keep up with but managed eventually. 

A Large daisy saw some little samples of natures reliance at work with two insects helping it to progress. Next, yet another Daisy that has yet to open up. 

A very tiny forget-me-not bunch and some blackfly finish off this mostly macro month. 

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