Sunrise and Sillhouettes

July roadtrip.

Well, it has been a while since I last did a blog post.  Various factors from just sheer laziness… *cough* to the Covid-19 lockdown *no cough thankfully* have prevented me from a roadtrip.   Truth be told, the Scottish weather certainly hasn’t helped.    But on Monday night, I got up early and headed for a wee trip to Edinburgh.   It has been some time since I had the mojo or the will to actually do anything with the camera, so when you have the urge it’s best not to ignore it.

 When I got to the Forth Bridges (there are 3 that span across the Firth of Forth) it was almost time for Sunrise… and I set up the GoPro to try and get a timelapse. As per, it was pointed away from the right place so that was no use.   So headed down to Queensferry and the amazing structure that is the Forth Rail Bridge. 

Heading further on to Dundee/Perth I visited the gorgeous town of Muthill in Perthshire.   The flowers were amazing in the sunlight – I had picked the right day for it.  Muthill is obviously a very community minded town as they had a big competition of who could best display off their flowers.  They also had an old red telephone box for people to take or leave games and groceries for those that needed them. 

It was while I was in the old parish church which is now just a shell, I noticed a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly and managed to catch it as it landed on one of the gravestones.  The church has graves from as early as the 17th century. 

Then it was on to Comrie, an even smaller town that is famous for having a POW camp called Cultybraggan.    It was here I noticed an old barn and thought it looked very dramatic against the skyline.  

 On the way home I dropped off at Callander where there is the picturesque Loch Lubnaig which was being used for some open air swimming.  

A good day, both mentally and physically.  Things are starting to get better. 


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