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More, More Macro.

Well, when you read about a little bit of glass that goes on the end of your lens and turns it into a macro lens, then you wonder to yourself, “what can it do on the end of a macro lens?”   I was about to find out today when I took the Raynox 250 out of the box and stuck it on the end of my 100mm canon lens which is a flagship macro. 

 To say I am  impressed is more than an understatement, and really the quality and sharpness that this add-on which clips on the filter thread of any lens (macro or not) gives out, makes you understand why it sells for £60. If you have ever used inferior single thick glassed elements you’ll know these are cheap and not really up to the job. Don’t get me wrong £60 is a lot of money but in the photography world where a half decent Macro lens can cost 8-10 times that then it is worth the punt.  Would I recommend it?  Totally.  Here’s some pictures from today at Pollok Park. 

Next up… using the Raynox with extension tubes and from what I have seen elsewhere the macro journey is going to get a lot more interesting from hereon in. 

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