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Old Surroundings, New Buildings.

Well, what an interesting return to West College Scotland in Clydebank.

 When I left in 2019, they were constructing a building beside the college but it was not finished by the time I had left and to be honest no-one really had any idea what it was to be. Many of us thought it was a new health centre.  It turns out we got the H,e,a and t right.

This is the Queens Quay Heating Development.  A quite innocuous building to look at from a distance, but it boasts an amazing bit of architecture in it’s chimney. 

It is such an elaborate design of cladding/metalwork that not only catches the sun, but lights up a marvellous gold reflection when it does so…  Just spell bounding.

So, it was Frank, Cindy and myself, all former students that got a great surprise on return to an old stomping ground, where shots of the Titan Crane were all the rage – only because many photography tutors got sent into a rage if you even showed them a picture of it, there seems to be a new option to photograph for when the students return.  Hopefully that won’t be too long.

In a way I count myself lucky that I managed to do my studies pre-Covid. But I think many in my class would still have insisted I wore a mask… just for their own visual comfort.

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