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Spring is in the air!

You really can’t beat a bit of sunshine to bring about the ideal conditions for photography.

Yesterday, Spring at last showed itself and all of a sudden the lockdown world which had been up until now, dark, dreich* days with either rain, hail or snow (and that is just in the one day) with very little motivation to do much but sit it all out.

Where no motivation existed the sun brought out in me a bit of effort to use that fantastic light that spring sunshine has to offer and so after getting the car washed I filled a flask with tea and headed out for the wonderful Pollok Park on the South side of Glasgow.

With ‘lockdown’ still in place, many seek the lovely surroundings of Pollok Park for their daily exercise; with a hardy mix of dog walkers, joggers and cyclists it’s a great place to grab those people shots too. 

This time there was an added joy of buskers, singing outside the gates of Pollok House.  This must be a new thing as I haven’t seen them there before, but the singing although breaking the peaceful surroundings of the park was quite decent.   In a time where concerts are banned, folk will take any live entertainment they can get! 

Although the fauna is limited to spring bulbs, there was still plenty of colours to capture as well as some welcome signs that spring is in the air. Ladybirds and bees!  

It was great to finally get out again, and as depression was starting to settle in it gave me a little nudge to start to see a way out of these dark Covid days.  I decided to apply to do my HND in Photography and hopefully I will be accepted.  That it is along the road in Paisley means that it isn’t that much of a journey so fingers crossed. 🙂

Things are starting to look up again. 

*dreich – Scots word for wet, windy and generally miserable weather.

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