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Starting College – again

So as I take my first steps into further Education – again, it is only just dawning on me that it is in a new place with new people – and possible new friends. But most of all, it is brand new challenges to not only my photography but how I see myself utilising it and how it will shape my ideal career in photography.

It is going to be a year where I stop strangers in the street who I think make great models simply by what they are wearing in “Street Fashion Photography”.  Where I will attend sporting events, ceremonies and functions where I am asked to really evaluate not just my images, but my attitudes and approach to not only my work but those I work with, I work for and work alongside.   

Yes HND seems a real challenge, and even 100% more pressure than HNC, but perhaps that is what my photography and even my life needs right now. 

Exciting times are ahead.

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