Street Photography 2 – Fashion!

So, Wednesday 8th of September came and it was the day we were to meet the college Lecturer, Scott at the famous cone headed statue of the Duke of Wellington (look it up, I won’t spoil it), or outside the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art – or GOMA.    We were about to head into the busy shopping precinct of Buchanan Street, which is full of high class shops and the very stylish Princes Square Shopping Mall.

Our Task was to stop a complete stranger who we found interesting style-wise and take their portrait.   Glasgow is a very diverse city and has loads of people returning to the shops after restrictions are slowly being lifted.  That the sun was shining was a bonus, giving us students the perfect light to get our shots.  All we needed to do was ask to get them. Yeah sounds easy. 

I’m pleased to say we approached many as a group so we didn’t look as though we were just out taking pictures – with identity theft on the rise people are a lot more suspect of someone on their own coming up and asking to take  a picture.  I managed to pluck up the courage to ask people on my own eventually though and that stands me in good stead for the next round.   Wish me luck.   Oh and the memory to remember to pick my camera bag up which I left outside the GOMA for an hour… luckily it was still there when I returned.

My memory is shocking.

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