A long time.

It has been some time since I last updated this blog.  So I thought it was time that I updated it with what has been happening.

 On the 1st of June, my wee Mum passed away after a series of strokes.  Mercifully she passed on, her family all around her with pictures of her grandchildren around her too.  It was a very difficult time and she will be very much missed by not just me but by everyone who loved and knew her.   Bless her.

I have been continuing along with my football photography for Clydebank FC.   I am starting to enjoy the unique opportunities this genre brings to my photography as very few pictures will be the same.     I also took the team photograph and the players photographs for the website.    It has also been a pleasure to travel to far off places as well. Dalkieth and Fort William were just two.  At the end of this month there may be a trip up to Aberdeenshire which is on the North East of the country.   A good long road trip!

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