Sunrise and Sillhouettes

July roadtrip.

Well, it has been a while since I last did a blog post.  Various factors from just sheer laziness… *cough* to the Covid-19 lockdown *no cough thankfully* have prevented me from a roadtrip.   Truth be told, the Scottish weather certainly hasn’t helped.    But on Monday night, I got up early and headed for a wee trip to Edinburgh.   It has been some time since I had the mojo or the will to actually do anything with the camera, so when you have the urge it’s best not to ignore it.

 When I got to the Forth Bridges (there are 3 that span across the Firth of Forth) it was almost time for Sunrise… and I set up the GoPro to try and get a timelapse. As per, it was pointed away from the right place so that was no use.   So headed down to Queensferry and the amazing structure that is the Forth Rail Bridge. 

Heading further on to Dundee/Perth I visited the gorgeous town of Muthill in Perthshire.   The flowers were amazing in the sunlight – I had picked the right day for it.  Muthill is obviously a very community minded town as they had a big competition of who could best display off their flowers.  They also had an old red telephone box for people to take or leave games and groceries for those that needed them. 

It was while I was in the old parish church which is now just a shell, I noticed a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly and managed to catch it as it landed on one of the gravestones.  The church has graves from as early as the 17th century. 

Then it was on to Comrie, an even smaller town that is famous for having a POW camp called Cultybraggan.    It was here I noticed an old barn and thought it looked very dramatic against the skyline.  

 On the way home I dropped off at Callander where there is the picturesque Loch Lubnaig which was being used for some open air swimming.  

A good day, both mentally and physically.  Things are starting to get better. 


Ronnie Murphy Photography

May’s Blog

May has been a particularly terrible month. From the Coronavirus claiming more and more lives and to the deaths of some old friends I would take out on trips with Erskine.  As I type, we have only started phase one of the relaxation of lockdown.  We are now allowed to meet friends outside as long as we socially distance at 2 metres.  Schools are looking to return on August 11th.   

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. 

Anyways, here’s some pictures I have taken this month!   

Dandelion seeds are amazing specimens for Macro.  I love how they look like little fireworks. 

The Honey bee was nearly nigh on impossible to keep up with but managed eventually. 

A Large daisy saw some little samples of natures reliance at work with two insects helping it to progress. Next, yet another Daisy that has yet to open up. 

A very tiny forget-me-not bunch and some blackfly finish off this mostly macro month. 

Ronnie Murphy Photography

Shooting with Sarah

With Covid-19 still going strong we are “allowed” out for a wee bit of exercise. With my daughter Sarah staying with me, we took the chance to get some photography done at the local park.  With the playpark all cordoned off, there is little else to do.  

 Sarah loves her photography and she likes using one of my old cameras, a 60D to capture flowers and landscapes.  

Although on full auto mode and the camera choosing the settings, I do think she has an eye for photography. 

Hopefully, we are now seeing a turn in our fortunes with this awful virus which is close to claiming over 1,000 lives in Scotland.  Sadly also taking that of an old friend from Erskine too.   RIP Bill. Bless you. 

Ronnie Murphy Photography


What is an unplugged wedding? 

More couples when they tie the knot have asked that all mobiles and tablets be put down when they make their way down the aisle.   The main reason is very simple…   They want people to share the then and now of what is actually going on.  They’re about to have a major event in their lives and you have been invited to witness that momentous occasion.  

 They invited you. Not your phone or tablet. 

Another reason is that they will have paid a photographer to take the most memorable images of the day.  That is someone who is experienced, qualified and has worked hard at perfecting their craft.   But even the best photographer can only do so much if distracted eyes and faces all look in different directions. This is not the photograph the couple will want to look back on.  I, like most photographers will have already asked the couple to focus on my camera so the image you get will have the couple looking away which in all honesty isn’t the best picture anyway. So why bother?  

 Another very big reason is that the happy couple want to be the first to share their pictures from the day. Hell hath no fury like the couple who are denied the chance to show the world how fantastic their day actually was! 

I like most photographers do make time for those who want to take some memorable pictures of the day but at appropriate times.   I think this is where the “grumpy photographer” bit comes in.  But in a way, we are only doing a job we are paid to do,  getting the pictures the couple really want. 

More and more couples are opting for the unplugged wedding and for anyone who is considering me for capturing their amazing day, I would highly recommend it too. 

Ronnie Murphy Photography

Landscape Lockdown

Scotland, and indeed the UK is in lockdown as we try to fight the outbreak of COVID-19.  So what to do than look at old pictures, edit them and catch up with the ones I haven’t edited?  

St.Abbs at night, edited to include a cheeky Aurora!

A recent trip to the grounds of Overtoun House near Dumbarton and the small river that goes through on it’s way to the Clyde. 

An old trip to Munlochy near Inverness brings the beauty of the fields of wheat in the sunshine.  

Finally, the Sunset at Ardrossan from a few years back.   

Isn’t Scotland so beautiful?