Ronnie Murphy Photography

Spooky Saturday Shenanigans.

I am a big fan of “things that go bump in the night.”  So much so that I am part of a group called The Scottish Ghost Company, who hold events in supposed haunted locations around the UK.   Do I believe in ghosts?  Well, I am open minded, but not one to jump to any conclusions when something does happen. 

I have always been a keen spooky spectator ever since I visited the Edinburgh Vaults about 16 years ago.  Even if I am very sceptical it is still fun to be hanging around old places at the dead of night. It is so atmospheric and yet peaceful at the same time. 

These locations always make for great photography and I usually always take my camera along, maybe not in the hope of capturing something supernatural but basically to record some of the amazing architecture of years gone by.  

Sadly many of these buildings have been left to ruin.  Open to the elements; rain, snow, hail and even more tragically, vandals armed with spray paint. 

This building is a former children’s asylum so it certainly will have a story to tell.  It is maybe more telling that the graffiti in the building tells a story that may well have been different to the actual events that truly happened here. 

Things always seem darker at night – even the mind.  But that is another story 🙂

The next event for The Scottish Ghost Company has already been sold out and takes place in Bannockburn.   Alas Covid may do it’s damage yet again as far as this is concerned. Fingers crossed.