Rannoch Moor

From Lockdown to Loch down!

Probably one of the most stunning roads in all of Scotland is the road that takes you to Glencoe and beyond in the Highlands.  This is the case most of the day and night.  I was so fortunate when working with the post office to be able to travel this road at many a time and it never got boring.  One of the best times is the early morning at dawn, where the mists start to gather, and the water is as still as can be and becomes Mother Nature’s mirror reflecting the hills behind and the rocks that come out of the shallow water of the Loch.

 Scotland has many Lochs.  ‘Loch’ is a Scottish word for Lake.  It is a body of water that is usually landlocked by heather/marsh covered hills that take on a different hue depending on the time of year or even the time of day!  The most famous are Loch Lomond and Loch Ness.  Loch Lomond is around 1 hour away from Glasgow and spans a great deal of the A82 that leads to the Highlands.  Loch Ness is located right beside the City of Inverness and is the supposed home of the Loch Ness Monster.   The Lochs in the pictures are Loch Sheil, Loch Leven and the bottom two images are of Loch Lochan na h-Achlaise or if you don’t speak Gaelic,  “Loch of the Armpit”  There is also Loch Ba that is hidden behind the mists in images 6 and 7. This part of the road is called Rannoch Moor.